LWaN Episode 13 – Writing – Travel – Halo – Ghosts – Wrestlemania


Writing – Left Behind Novella  available

Traveling again – Suits; hotels; food; new offices

Halo –  I have never been around master chief that long without gunplay

Picard – What is Bent Spiner up to?

Ghosts – Literally just a delightful story.

Wrestlemania – Night One done.  It is the spectacle other sports try for.  The reason it works: it is all spectacle.  No troublesome sport or athlete misbehavior.

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LWaN Ep 5 – Peacemaker Finale, Discovery, CNN and Turner, Walking Dead, Writing


In this episode, I talk about:

  • Spoilers Peacemaker Finale is discussed in Detail
  • Discovery – Star Trek at its Star Trekkiest
  • CNN and Turner – History and my view as a drone
  • Walking Dead Final Season coming back.
  • Writing as a distraction from writing
  • Daytona 500 and Formula One

LWaN Episode 4 – Language, CNN, Peacemaker, Discovery, Superbowl


February 13, 2022 Episode 4

In this episode I discuss:

Language – Specifically Science when people mean data.

CNN – A little of my personal history as a drone working far beneath Zucker

Peacemaker – Discussing the upcoming finale

Discovery – The return of Discovery

Superbowl – Rams vs Bengals

Podcast: Lee Writes A Novel

Giving in to my radio roots and love of audio I started a podcast. I know, me and 1.7 million other people last week. I did a bit more than talk into my phone and upload something. I have made a commitment to do at least a weekly podcast for one year. What about? It is in the title. Before the Pandemic, I was used to talking to people in person about things that inspired my writing. So not having that socialization I figured I can have half of the conversation where I ramble about what is on my mind.

Episode One is out. I expect the sound and format to evolve as I move forward. You can find it on Apple Podcasts or at the link below if you avoid the Apple ecosystem.